Quality Control, Environment

Being a reference company in the industry of glass decoration in the Iberic Peninsula, AvenaDecor commits to the guiding principles of sustainable development.

The respect for these principles commits us to assure, at each moment, the value creation and, consequently, the satisfaction of all stakeholders, especially our clients.

We commit ourselves to provide customized services to our clients by searching for the best solutions to their specific needs.

The protection and safety of both product and information, being the support for the efficiency of the services provided, anchors in the integrity of the firm, in the availability of infrastructures and information systems and in the confidentiality of client’s information.

The identification of the environmental KPIs allow us to prioritize action in order to minimize the environmental footprint of the company.

The promotion of a sustainable use of natural resources, especially energy and water, of pollution prevention and of reduction, reuse and recycle of waste.

The identification of the dangers to which our professionals are exposed, in the context of work safety and health, allow us evaluate risks and prioritize actions in order to enforce risk minimization.

The prevention of injuries, accidents and other work-related illnesses.

The compliance with legal requisites as well as any other to which the company has committed itself to.

The establishment of a culture of continuous improvement to consolidate process management and promote the efficiency of our business model.